Wednesday, July 23, 2014

...We're Back!

Now that I have resolved my problems with accessing and posting in my old blogs (and it only took me a year or so to figure it out)'s good to be back!  It's amazing to look back to my post in January of 2012 where I last gave a rundown on all of the family happenings to realize how much has changed since then.  As you can guess life goes on whether you record the events or not!

Eric married his sweetheart Sarah in November of 2012.  It was a wonderful day as we all gathered in the Salt Lake Temple for their Sealing.  Eric's grandpa Richards was able to officiate for them which made it extra special.
Eric and Sarah right after they got engaged!
Engagement Picture
The happy couple as they exit the temple
Salt Lake Temple

Eric and Sarah on the temple steps
 Believe it or not Stephen is not standing on a step ...he's actually that much taller than everyone!
The Richards family
Extended Richards family
The family of the bride and groom
The next year in October 2013 Eric and Sarah's little bundle of joy arrived!  Olivia had some health problems that required surgery soon after she was born but thanks to answered prayers and the talented medical staff at Primary Children's hospital she is doing great!  
Eric and Sarah at the Military Ball before Olivia's arrival.
It was love at first sight!
This is the blanket and burp cloth I crocheted for her.

Another gorgeous grand daughter!

Olivia's  blessing day

Proud Papa

Olivia's dress was beautiful!

You're in the Army now!

Yummmy ...Mommy's home made baby food!

Father's Day 2014

 We  were happy to be able to attend Grace's baptism when she turned 8 in June of 2013
Grace's baptism day

Sabrina, Grandpa Gary and Grace

Grace and family
This year brought more excitement our youngest son Stephen and Rosie Torres were married at the end of May!  Our family gathered together back in Texas to join with them in the Houston temple for this special time in their lives.
Stephen and Rosie's engagement picture

Just as they came out of the temple following their wedding

Parents of the bride and groom

Stephen's siblings and their children

The Richards family

Stephen and Rosie with Eric, Mike and Whitney
The day before the wedding Whitney arranged to have some family pictures taken.  The photographer did a wonderful job!
Gary and I with all of our grandchildren.

Eric, Sarah and Olivia

Mike, Jessica and their children

Cody, Whitney and Jacob
Stephen and Rosie

Thursday, April 4, 2013

On the Road Again

My husband, oldest son Eric and I flew to Washington state to pick up our youngest son Stephen at the conclusion of his mission.  It was great to see where Gary's family used to live in Seattle back in the day when he was in grade school and spend a few days touring the area until it was time to pick up Stephen. It was nice to see the area where Stephen served for two years and meet some of the families he got to work with.  It was a great family bonding adventure as you can see from the many videos I have shared. 

...and More Visits!

The Columbia River